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Veterans Programs

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Organization Scope Treatment/ Service While Hospitialized Housing and Trans. for Families Housing and Transport. Transitional/ Reintegration Assistance Financial/ Material Assistance Funds for Education Training and/or Education Employment Assistance Disability/ Accommodations/ Rehabilitation Loans/ Small Business Programs Recreation/ Events Advocacy for Benefits Information/ Resources Counseling/ Support/ Mentoring
100 Entrepreneurs ProjectS      X  X    
100000 Jobs MissionN       X      
Air Compassion for VeteransN  X           
Air Force Aid SocietyN    XX   X    
Air Force Survivor Assistance ProgramN             X
Air Force Wounded Warrior ProgramN   XX  X   XXX
Alliance-Vets Housing Outreach and Assistance in Metro-BaltimoreS  X X      X  
America's Heroes at WorkN       X    X 
America's VetDogsN        X     
American Corporate PartnersN       X     X
American Red CrossN    X      XX 
American Veterans with Brain InjuriesN X*       X X   
Armed Forces FoundationSX X X     X  X
Army Aviation Association of AmericaN    XX   X   X
Army Career and Alumni Program N   X   X     X
Army Emergency Relief ProgramN    X    X    
Army Employment Readiness ProgramN       X    X 
Army Wounded Warrior ProgramN       X   XXX
Blinded Veterans AssociationN       XX    X
BrainLine MilitaryN            XX
Canine Support Teams' Pawz ProgramN        X     
CAO Wounded Warrior ProgramS      XX      
Career Center for Wounded Warriors & Disabled VetsN       X      
Career Marketing TechniquesN       X      
CauseN          X   
Challenge AmericaN            X 
Coalition to Salute America's HeroesN    X XX  XX  
Combat-Related Special CompensationN    X         
Community OneSourceN            XX
Compensated Work TherapyN       X      
Connected WarriorN    X         
DCoE for Psychological Health and TBIN   X        X 
Defense and Veterans Brain Injury CenterNX       X     
Department of Homeland Security WW ProgramN       X      
Disabled American VeteransN   X       X X
Disabled Veterans National FoundationN    XX X  X   
disABLEDperson Inc.N     X X      
ELeVATE ProgramS      X       
Entrepreneuriship Bootcamp for Vets with DisabilitiesN      X  X    
FedsHireVetsN      XX    X 
Feherty's Troops First FoundationNX X       X   
Fisher House FoundationN X            
Freedom AllianceN    X     X   
Freedom Is Not FreeN    X     X   
Freedom Motors USA Inc.N        X  X  
Freedom Team of Wounded VeteransN        X X   
Helmets to HardhatsN       X      
Help Hospitalized VeteransNX             
Hero DogsS        X     
Hidden WoundsN             X
Hire A HeroN       X      
Hire Heroes USAN       X      
Hiring Our HeroesN       X      
Holden HallS  X   X      X
Homes for Our troopsN  X           
Hope for the WarriorsN   XX   X X   
Horses for HeroesS          X   
Impact a HeroN    X     X  X
inTransitionN   X         X
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of AmericaN     X X  XX  
Iraq Star FoundationNX             
Joshua's MissionN    X         
Lakeshore's Lima Foxtrot Programs for Injured MilitaryN          X   
Luke's WingsN X            
Marine Executive AssociationN   X   X      
Marine for LifeN       X   X  
Maryland Center for Veterans Education and TrainingS  X    X      
Maryland Workforce ExchangeS       X      
Mil2FedJobsS       X      
Military Heroes FundN    X        X
Military OneSourceN            XX
Military OneSource Wounded Warrior SupportN       X   X X
Military Warriors Support FoundationN  X  X X  X  X
National Veterans FoundationN    X       X 
National Veterans Legal Services Program N           X  
NAVSEA's Wounded Warrior ProgramN      XX     X
Navy Seal FoundationN    XX    X   
Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe HarborN   X       X X
Navy-Marine Corps Relief SocietyN    XX   X   X
Not AloneN            XX
Operation Enduring CareR X            
Operation First ResponseN    X         
Operation HomefrontN    X        X
Operation MendN X*            X
Operation Never ForgottenN          X   
Operation Second ChanceSX  X          
Paralyzed Veterans of AmericaN       X  XX  
Paws for PatriotsN        X     
Project Enduring PrideR          XX X
Purple Heart HomesN  X           
Readjustment Counseling for Veterans and FamiliesN   X         X
Real WarriorsN            X 
Rebuild HopeN    X    X X  
SemperMax Support FundN          XX X
Small Business Preference ProgramS         X    
Soldiers' AngelsNX X    XX X   
Southern Maryland Vacation for VetsS          X   
Team Red White & BlueN          X  X
The 911 HelpAmerica FoundationN    X        X
The American LegionN           X  
The Armed Forces FoundationN    X     X X 
The Brain Injury Association of AmericaN            XX
The Brain Injury Recovery NetworkN            XX
The Call of Duty EndowmentN            X 
The Coalition for Iraq + Afghanistan VeteransN    XX       X
The Education and Employment InitiativeR       X** X**      
The Home Base ProgramRX           X 
The John McDermott HouseSX X    X     X
The Military Order of the Purple HeartNX    X X   XX 
The National Alliance on Mental IllnessN            X 
The National Association of State Head Injury Admins.N            X 
The PA Vets Multi-Service & Education CenterR  XXX XX   X  
The Pat Tillman foundationN     X        
The Post-9/11 GI BillN  X  X        
The Semper Fi FundN  X X  XX    X
The Service-Disabled Vets No-Interest Loan Prgm.S         X    
The Wounded Warrior Mentor ProgramR   X   X     X
The Wounded Warrior RegimentN   X   XX X  X
The Yellow Ribbon FundS X      X**   X** X**  
Transition Goals Plans Success (GPS)N   X   X   X  
Troops to Teachers ProgramN     X X      
U.S. Army Warrior Transition CommandNX  X         X
U.S. Marine Corps Wounded Warrior RegimentN   X    X  X  
United We ServeN          X   
USA CaresN    X      X  
USSOCOM Care CoalitionN   X    X    X
VA for Vets ProgramN       X      
VA's Home Loan GuarantyN         X    
VA's Homeless Veteran InitiativeNX* X   XX     X
Veteran Tickets FoundationN          X   
Veterans in PipingN      XX      
Veterans of Foreign WarsN       X   X  
Veterans United Home LoansN         X    
Veterans Upward Bound ProgramN      X      X
Veterans Workforce Investment Program S       X      
Veterans' Employment and Training ServiceN   X X X   X X
VetNetN       X X    
VetsFirstN           X X
VetSuccess ProgramN       XX     
Virginia Wounded Warrior ProgramS        X    X
Volunteers of America Veteran ServicesN X* X   XX   X X
Wall Street Warfighters FoundationR      XX     X
Warfighter SportsN          X   
Warrior BridgeS       X      
Warrior Care Support ProgramR   X          
Warrior GatewayN           X  
Warriors to WorkforceN      XX      
Washington DC Polytrauma Network SiteSX             
Wounded Service Member InitiativeN         X**     
Wounded Veterans Internship ProgramS      XX      
Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team N          X   
Wounded Warrior Battalion-EastR             X
Wounded Warrior ProjectN      XX  XX X
Xtreme Couture GI FoundationN    X     X   
Scope Definitions Additional Notes
N - National * Post-Service
R - Regional ** While hopsitalized
S - State/Local