Energetics Technology Center (ETC) connected with the City of Hyattsville Police Department through its network via Kevin Davis, (former Baltimore City Police Commissioner) who introduced us to Jason Johnson, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund. We learned from Kevin and Jason there were little to no established procedures in place for first responders when it came to dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Just like doctors and medical professionals, first responders are on the front line dealing with the issues of COVID-19 and how to protect themselves, their families, and the public.

ETC stood up a “tiger team” with the HCPD and developed a number of products to address issues first responder’s were facing in dealing with COVID-19 in a public space. As an engineering outfit ETC prides itself on bringing a “think-tank” approach to collecting and distilling information down into actual practices. Together the team identified gaps and conceptualized precautions, procedures, and techniques that could protect the force while slowing the spread of the virus.

The products developed were: 1 – a process for first responders to decontaminate their gear, their vehicle and themselves upon the completion of their shift; 2- “smart cards” with vetted information on COVID19 and the decontamination process; and 3 – a COVID19 supply kit for each officer with critical supplies to use on their shift.

Working with the City of Hyattsville Chief of Police, Amal Awad, and her leadership team was a wonderful experience. Chief Awad welcomed the partnership, stating, “Our Department is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Energetics Technology Center. Together, we have developed and implemented decontamination procedures to safeguard our officers, their families and our community.  We are learning and adjusting, as we navigate through this unprecedented pandemic health emergency, creating a blueprint to guide us all in the event of a future emergency of this magnitude.”

Click to download the COVID-19 Program Overview.

Hyattsville Program Helps Officers Disinfect After Shift | April 22, 2020 

One of the biggest concerns for first responders, when their shift ends, is the potential that they could bring the coronavirus home. A decontamination tent has been set up in Hyattsville for the city’s police department. News4’s Shomari Stone shows us how officers can get their cars, clothes, and other materials clean.