Additive manufacturing–more commonly known as 3-D printing–is not just for geeks anymore. A variety of options are making this process accessible to everyone, and what can be created has gone way beyond plastic tchotchkes. Whether sustainable, flexible or edible, made of ceramic, metal, fabric or sugar, products made using the technology open up countless opportunities for designers and new types of businesses. It’s easier than ever to get your product from idea to finished item, or to promote your business with a uniquely branded object you’ve created yourself.


The initial days of starting up are mostly spent on researching the market, benchmarking competition and seeking funding from friends and family. When you start searching for manufacturers and talking to them, it all starts to feel real. But finding the right manufacturer is not easy.

Are You a Small-Business Owner or an Entrepreneur? The Difference Is Important.

It’s National Small Business Week. Hooray! Small businesses are the backbone of this country. They create jobs, come up with new ways of doing old things, and help keep money in the local community. Without small businesses, we’d be in a bigger economic mess.

Among those of us with small businesses, there’s confusion between the terms Small-Business Owner and Entrepreneur. Both can have small businesses, but they have different styles of leadership and thoughts on running their business. One is not better than the other, they’re just different. How do you fit in to these 4 scenarios?


Innovators, Watch Out for These Invention Killers

Innovators push the boundaries of the known world. They’re change agents who are relentless in making things happen and bringing ideas to execution. Inventors are problem solvers. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be inventing. But ask anyone who has gone through the process of turning an idea — even a great one — into a marketable commodity: The list of problems is just beginning.



14 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in ’14

Whether they’re battle-tested veterans or fresh-faced newbies, entrepreneurs undergo an intense learning process when establishing and launching a business. Even those who’ve been through it before typically face a certain amount of uncertainty. That’s why it’s critical that they learn as much as possible about their specific area of business as well as entrepreneurship as a whole.