Project Manager for International Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Technology Program Led an international team of US, UK, Canadian, and Australian MCM investigators in developing new Magnetic MCM sweeping equipment. The Variable Moment Magnet device developed, tested, and demonstrated, was successfully used by the UK during the Falklands conflict. The mine encounter simulation Dr. Moritz developed became the cornerstone of the Total Mine Simulation System (TMSS), used by many western nations.  The work was recognized by the TTCP Achievement Award presented by the DoD Deputy Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering.

Project Manager Acoustic and Torpedo Countermeasures (ATCM) Exploratory Development Program - Led the United States’ ATCM program and developed technology for protection of Submarines (SSNs and SSBNs) and High Value Surface Ships (CVs, CVNs). The technology is now in fleet use in the form of the ADC Mk III and MK IV devices, and in the SSTD AN/SLQ-25 and follow on devices.

Technical Director Mine Warfare, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OP36T/N866T/N852T) - During this Pentagon assignment, Dr. Moritz was responsible for overseeing and formulating new MCM technology programs, including a number of new systems and participated in formulation the MCM Advanced Technology Demonstration program (ATCD).


Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) Modeling and Simulation Office - Dr. Moritz planned and implemented a command wide modeling and simulation office. Conceived and implemented multiple simulations, among them the Naval Mine Warfare Simulation (NMWS) the de-facto standard of the US Navy Mine Warfare Engagement Analysis model, now known as the Joint Battlespace Visualization (JBV). JBV in its then form (NVP) was used to control and direct air-strikes against very high value targets during Desert Storm, with continued use by the Marine Corps and Special Operations Command. This work was recognized by NSWC PCD Commanding Officer and Technical Director’s Award for Warfare Operations Research.

Developed the Smart Container and Mission Module Concept Co-developer with Mr. Portman of the Unmanned Systems Modularity Concept and Smart Container Approach. The concept and several implementations, reported in reports and publications resulted in multiple US patents, the Joint Common Control System JCTD (Joint Concept Technology Demonstration, and is the foundation of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Mission Module Program and the mission capability designs of the LCS. 


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