My name is Ian Michel-Tyler and I am an engineer at ETC. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in Spring of 2019. Since being hired at ETC, I’ve worked primarily on the Machine Discovery Project writing and evaluating code as well as researching new, novel methods that would be useful for future work. I have good experience with Python and Matlab. Mechanical engineering gave me a good technical foundation to pair with what I would describe as a curious and tinkering personality. While my background is in engineering, my interests and career goals lie elsewhere. I love old BMWs, driving, sailing, reading, and most of all eating and drinking. What a  wonderful thing food is. While my career goals are ill-defined at this point and probably for a while, my life goal is to buy a sizable plot in the mountains of Tennessee and build a house. If I could do any job, I would be a professional rally or drift driver.


Mechanical Engineering

Programming Languages (Matlab, Python)

Applying ML Libraries & Algorithms


Data Modeling

System Design

Critical Thinking






Ian michel-tyler


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