Lloyd joined ETC during our 2020 summer internship program. He works diligently on our Machine Discovery and Invention project, which has given him the opportunity to learn new coding languages like Python. He has mastered the concept of extract data from documents and classifying that data using different programming techniques. Lloyd is strengthening his ability to search for, extract, organize, evaluate and use or present information that is relevant to a particular topic for ETC different research projects. Below are Lloyds personal goals for his internship. 

My goal for working with ETC is to gain knowledge, experience, and to further familiarize myself with the STEM field, mainly in regard to programming and engineering and its everyday implementation in military and civilian use. Through working with ETC I hope to meet new people who can help me achieve my goals and better myself as a professional. Since I was a kid I was always fascinated with the idea of making something new, something that never existed before. Whether that be a new invention, a new code, a new software, or even a new improvement on something that already exists.


My goal in life is to know that the work that I am doing is important, that it will actually be heard and useful. I like to know that I am making a difference even if it is just a small one. I want to further my education because I feel that by doing so I am more capable of making a difference and having a job that benefits the everyday person. The biggest problem for me in life was I never had a lot of opportunities. I never knew any engineers or coders. I never had connections or even any real references that I could use to find better jobs or opportunities. I feel like now I am on my way to being the person I always wanted to be when I was younger, and I am starting to make those connections. I feel as though with this internship I will be able to further my knowledge of the STEM field and network with people so I can make opportunities to better myself. I also hope to make a change along the way and fully dedicate myself to this job and all of its responsibilities. I want to give my best self so the people I work for know how serious and dedicated I am to my craft and my goals.


Programming (JavaScript, Python)


Data Analytics



Detailed Oriented 

Technical Writing



Write Poetry

Play Video Games 

Lloyd Hardy

Junior Analyst

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