Machine Learning Engineer

The Energetics Technology Center, Inc. (ETC) is looking for a Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer that will focus primarily on natural language processing methods. An ideal candidate will aid in our existing programs at all steps in our pipeline -- from data ingestions, to model training, to interpretation and dissemination of results. The goals of these programs are to aid in the development and dissemination of information regarding chemical compounds and materials. While a majority of the position will focus on NLP methods, future work will include multi-modal training methodologies. Experience with OCR and image recognition on top of strong NLP work is ideal.

ETC is seeking a full-time Machine Learning Engineer with the following qualifications.


Required: Bachelors degree



As part of a multi-disciplinary team, you will:

Continue development of NLP and NER pipelines for energetic texts and journals Assist in development of database for multi-modal large scale learning. Train and deploy models to suggest relevant journals, texts, and materials for energetics experts Develop model for knowledge capture from subject matter experts to assist in training of new generations of employees.


You’ll Bring These Qualifications:

  • Eligible for a U.S. Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance
  • Experience developing and applying machine learning models
  • Experience with ML packages (PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Huggingface, etc)
  • Python (Jupyter, scikit, numpy, pandas, scipy)
  • Expertise with knowedge extraction from datasets (cleaning, feature selection, etc)
  • Experience with pre-training and fine-tuning large language models (BART, BERT, GPT, etc)
  • NLP tools
  • Linux
  • Ability to read and understand scientific journals
  • Ability to work independently and on a team on interdisciplinary problems with unknown answers


These Qualifications Would be Nice to Have:

  • Science Background (chemistry, physics)
  • Experience with multi-modal models
  • Experience with developing datasets for ML High performance computing exposure Knowledge of Databases (sql)

Company Ethos and Values:
ETC's team contributes to U.S. National Security through creative problem solving and providing actionable thought leadership.

ETC Core Values:

  • Integrity & Personal Accountability – Be Real
  • Value Creation
  • Respect for the Individual – Fairness, Inclusion – People Focused
  • Innovative & Exceptional Teamwork
  • Involved