Energetics Technology Center (ETC) was launched in late 2006; our roots being in in partnership with the Center for Energetics Concepts Development (CECD) at the University of Maryland. 

Much of our early work focused on energetics-related research and engineering projects, done performed in collaboration with the CECD, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD). These joint efforts ranged from examining the science of detonation waves in energetic materials to analyzing blast effects on soldiers. 

As ETC grew, our work moved into adjacent technology fields, such as robotics and autonomous systems and "literature-based discovery." These later efforts were the precursor to current initiatives in artificial intelligence /  machine-discovery of next generation w energetic materials, and our global awareness project. and predictions of foreign military capabilities in development of advanced weapon systems.

We have also worked on supported national military policy development projects, having published several books on topics ranging from the technical health of the Navy's science and engineering workforce to strategies on how the Naval Aviation Enterprise can position itself to meet the demands  address issues expected  arising in an "Anti-Access, Area Denial" environment.

Our current team stands at 30 + employees and is looking forward to a future filled with opportunities to conduct impactful work for clients ranging from the Defense Department to state, regional, and local government organizations as well as private sector companies. 

At ETC, we proudly support the United States National Security Enterprise by being an innovation catalyst and an organization with a passion for bringing solutions to our clients and partners.

ETC team collage